Treadmill Parts or Treadmill Spares.

We can supply new parts or try to repair your faulty or broken parts.
If you need a replacement safety key then we can help you with this. You may have a broken motor cover. We can either repair this or replace it with a new one. Most broken motor covers can be repaired and you will hardly notice.
If you have a belt that needs replacing then we can take care of this too. If you need it fitted then feel free to ask us. Although it can be done by the average competent person, it does need doing correctly as the tension needs to be correct for the treadmill to work properly.
We carry spare parts for most treadmills but if we don't have them then we have accounts with most of the manufacturers and can order these and either send them to you or fit them ourselves.
This is a typical list of replacement parts we can supply and fit:-
Walking/Running Belts.
Treadmill Motors.
Treadmill Motor Brushes.
Treadmill Allen Keys (For belt adjustment).
Replacement Running Decks.
Treadmill Motor Belts (Poly-V Belts).
Safety Keys.
Operators Manuals.
Motor Controller Boards.
Computer Control Consoles.
Treadmill Lubricant.

Above are just a few examples of the parts we provide for treadmills. If you would like to know more about our parts then please email us or call us to discuss this.