Treadmill Repairs from £49.99 (no vat).

We are one of the largest and most successful treadmill repair companies in the UK. We are based in but we do cover a large area of the UK subject to a Call Out fee which gets us to your premises to run a diagnosis. We are still one of the cheapest companies around and because we are not registered for vat, there's no extra surprises on our Call Out fees.
The repair cost will depend on the fault and an accurate description of the fault would provide us with an idea of the fault and repair cost of your fitness equipment.
Our Call Out fee varies on your location in the UK however, you will still find us extremely competitive compared to other treadmill repair companies. Some areas would not be competitive however such as Scotland, London or Cornwall as the Call Out fee to these areas for a treadmill repair may not be financially viable but feel free to contact us to find out more information.
Some of the faults on treadmills can be diagnosed over the telephone after a few simple questions but on occasions, we may have to inspect the treadmill with a Call Out.
Most problems are caused by lack of maintenance or the wrong choice of location for your treadmill.
For more information call us on our number 
07899 395851 or click on our Contact page above and complete our online form with all the information requested.